Community Services

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Blood Pressure

Residents concerned with their blood pressure are always welcomed at any of the fire district stations for a blood pressure screening. As long as the duty crew is available, a paramedic will be happy to provide you with a blood pressure log card and reading.

Public Education

Home, School, and Business Safety Education

Have you ever wondered if your work or home is fire safe? We don’t mean that the building won’t catch fire, but can the layout and construction of the building aid in saving your life if a fire were to erupt? West Chicago Fire will explain to your family, school or business on how to plan for a fire, safety education, and fire prevention. Call the station at 630-231-2123 for information.

Address Signs

The West Chicago Fire Protection District is offering Fire Signs for our residents in the unincorporated areas of our district. The signs and installment are at no cost the the resident. Signs have been purchased for all of county residents. If you would like a sign please call (630)231-2123 and leave your address with our front office staff. We will also replace damaged signs.

Signs can be installed on mailboxes or if you have a masonry or specialty box the signs can be installed on a separate post. If you currently have one of the older fire signs posted we will simply replace with a new one and you do not need to contact us. We will place the signs as high and visible as possible. Being able to quickly locate an address can save us much needed time in case of an emergency!